Body Temperature Detection

The ESP Body Temperature Detection System can accurately detect facial temperatures of up to 40 people at once with an accuracy of +0.3°C, this is ideal for monitoring body temperatures at events, transport hubs, and buildings.

This system comprises of the camera, an NVR, a temperature calibrating device as well as the necessary brackets for installation.

Advanced Facial Detection
Advanced Facial Detection System

Using advanced facial detection, the system uses a face temperature for a more accurate measurement. This also stops any false readings, such as a person carrying a hot drink. With astonishingly fast response times and being able to measure up to 40 people at once, the system will reduce the need for single file detection, aiding in the speed for people passing through the detection area.


  • Fast temperature measurement
  • High Temperature accuracy
  • long distance and non-contact detection
  • only measures facial temperature
  • Dual spectrum technology (overlays temperature on live view)
  • Mobile app available
  • License free software
  • Environment calibration
  • A complete thermal detection solution