EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is one of the most effective methods of preventing retail theft. Today’s systems offer much more than just an alarm when a tag leaves the store, from remote diagnostics, recordable activation details, footfall analysis,  alarms, and CCTV systems. 

ESPlus offers seasoned experience and the very best advice to any retailer installing or upgrading their existing EAS equipment, be they big national chains or small independent stores. Our sales and installation service includes thorough project management and hands-on training. 


Large, medium, and small enterprises can use retail analytics to optimise customer service, gain insight into interactions with them, reveal their sentiments, and chart trends across multiple communication channels and organisational areas. 

Our retail analytics systems provide marketing and customer care departments, contact centres, branch and remote offices, and back-office operations with unprecedented visibility into enterprise performance, operations, and customer intelligence solutions.